Islands & Highlands Lettings
  • Loch Greshornish, Isle of Skye

The Tenancy Deposit

All tenancy deposits made in Scotland must be protected by a Deposit Protection Scheme. Once a deposit has been paid to Islands & Highlands Lettings, we have 30 working days within which to protect it. There are different deposit schemes available, currently Islands & Highlands Lettings use Mydeposits Scotland .

Once the tenancy deposit has been lodged, the tenant and landlord/letting agent will sign the Deposit Protection Certificate and provide key information called Regulation 41 and 42f explaining deposit protection. This means that the deposit will held independently for the duration of the tenancy.

At the end of the tenancy, any requests for part or all of the deposit made on behalf of the landlord will be based upon the conditions included in your tenancy agreement as well as the property condition as listed in the agreed inventory and condition report. The tenant will be notified and they will have the opportunity to make their case. If a mutually agreed decision cannot be made between the parties involved, it will be My Deposit Scotland who act as arbitrators and will make a final decision.