Islands & Highlands Lettings
  • Loch Greshornish, Isle of Skye

Ending the Tenancy

To end a tenancy, notice in writing must be given to Islands & Highlands Lettings. Emails or posted letters are accepted. The notice period for your tenancy can be found within your tenancy agreement. It can vary depending on the type of tenancy you have and the length of time you have resided at the property.

Receipt of your notice will be confirmed by Islands & Highlands lettings in writing and a “Moving Out Guide” will be provided.

At the end of the tenancy, the property should be left in the same state as it was found with the items listed in the inventory. All of the tenants possessions should be removed from the property by the end date. If possessions are left and need to be removed by Islands & Highlands Lettings, any costs involved will be the tenants responsibility. Any cleaning, gardening, chimney sweeping and minor maintenance required by the tenant must be completed by the end date as the tenant will not have access to the property after this date.

All sets of the keys to the property must be handed in to Islands & Highlands Lettings, Bridge Road, Portree on or before the end date. A final visit to the property will be undertaken to which the tenant can be present. An assessment of any damage beyond fair wear and tear will be made and any deductions that the landlord wishes to make from the deposit will be notified as in accordance with Mydeposits Scotland.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that they cancel any additional services, such as satellite TV subscriptions, before they move out. The standing order for rent payments must be cancelled by the tenant at their bank.

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